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Ferroguard Academy – comprehensive education designed to help your staff expand their knowledge in MRI safety, from the basics to advanced CE-accredited training.

We are proud to provide MRI safety training courses presented by Frank Shellock PhD and sponsored by Metrasens.

Frank Shellock, PhD

Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology and Medicine,
Keck School of Medicine,
University of Southern California

Dr. Frank Shellock

Our certified Ferroguard experts will be pleased to partner with you for all your training needs and to offer customized support to enhance your MRI safety management environment in:

  • Architectural and design advice
  • Facility layout advice
  • Professional installation
  • In-depth in-service training
  • Ongoing telephone and on-site support
  • Ferrous-free patient transfer equipment and work-wear

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The following MRI Safety courses are provided FREE of charge courtesy of Metrasens. A brief description of each course follows. Click “Learn More” to view more information and to enroll in a course.

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Understanding MRI Safety for Non-clinical Staff

In this 17-minute program, Dr Shellock, presents essential MRI safety information especially intended for non-clinical staff who may occasionally be around the MRI environment. This includes housekeeping, transport, fire, safety/security, and maintenance personnel. This program is recommended for annual training and review.

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Introduction to MRI Safety

In this 30-minute program, Frank Shellock, PhD, presents MRI safety information to ensure the safety of the facility staff and patients. The program reviews the consequences of improper safety precautions and how to best restrict certain items from the MRI environment.

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Basic MRI Safety Training Program To Prevent Accidents and Injuries

The Basic MRI Safety Training Program provides basic information regarding MRI technology, describes common hazards and unique dangers associated with the MRI environment, and presents guidelines and recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries. This training program is appropriate for medical and other personnel who may occasionally or periodically encounter MRI facilities as part of their employment and emphasizes the potential hazards of the MRI environment and the necessary safety precautions that particularly impact such groups.

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Advanced MRI Safety Training for MRI Healthcare Professionals: CE Version

This 90-minute program reviews critical data regarding safety in the magnetic resonance environment. With current information, MRI healthcare professionals are better able to ensure patient and staff safety and optimize MRI suite guidelines. Frank Shellock, PhD, outlines recommendations from peer-reviewed literature and documents developed by the Food and Drug Administration, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, the American College of Radiology, and the Institute for Magnetic Resonance, Safety, Education and Research, and other organizations.

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